A gentleman marvels as his son successfully tides over the critical state of Jaundice with Homeopathic medicines.
Son of a gentleman diagnosed with Jaundice, takes Homeopathic medicines for his ailments. He responds beautifully and tides over his ailments for the gentle man to marvel over his son's recovery.
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A gentleman brings in his son Master JB. 10 years old, was febrile for the last 8 to 10 days after eating an ice gola and was under allopathic treatment of a family physician. On not showing much of improvement and been referred to a Pediatrician, he was diagnosed with severe jaundice having serum billirubin as high as 50.60mg/dl and SGOT 2508 units. He was admitted in a hospital in an unconscious state and later on was shifted to intensive care unit for the next two days as his condition worsened and so did his blood investigations. He was been advised to go a higher center but his parents refused and its then a Homeopath was called in to see the case. He took note of following in the child:

  • He was in a semiconscious state with diminished orientation and was having high grade fever, loss of appetite and yellowish tinge of skin.
  • Abdominal Sonography in March 2009 revealed marked hepatomegaly with oedema of gallbladder wall and moderate ascites and bilateral Grade II Medical Renal Disease.

After considering the case presentation he was prescribed Arsenic album 30 followed by Natrum sulph 6X. The very next day, his serum billirubin came down to 39.6mg/dl while his SGPT remained high at 1511.4 units and his Hb was 10gm%. He was conscious, well oriented and afebrile. Ultra sonography revealed mild hepatomegaly, gallbladder wall normal, and no ascites. He improved steadily after getting discharged from the hospital and was on regular Homeopathic treatment, where he was given Natrum sulph 6X. Within 10 days he gained appetite and his blood investigations also came down- serum bilirubin:-5.78 mg/dl, SGOT: - 49, SGPT: - 108 U/l, Hb%:-8.5% and ultra sonography showed-mild to moderate generalized simple hepatomegaly, GB wall thickness normal, mild bulge on both kidneys suggesting mild grade I Medico Renal Disease and ascites absent.

Before the treatment:

Before the treatment 1

Before the treatment 2

Before the treatment 3

Before the treatment 4

After the treatment:

After the treatment 1

After the treatment 2

After the treatment 3

After the treatment 4

After the treatment 5

After the treatment 6

Thus a gentleman marvels over his son tides over a critical state of Jaundice with the help of Homeopathic medicines.

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