A Young Woman with Secondary Infertility and Menstrual Irregularities Finds Her Solution in Homeopathy
A 22 year old young woman was suffering from menstrual troubles and infertility for past 2-3 years. Homeopathy not only alleviated her physical complaints, but also helped her become a healthy mother with no complications.
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Mrs. YM, a 22 year old patient, visited in April 2003 for the treatment of irregular menses that had been bothering her for the past 2-3 years. Her menstrual history was as follows:

  • Menses appearing every 2-3 months and lasting for 6-7 days
  • Menses -irregular, profuse, dark red, non- offensive and non-staining
  • Pain in abdomen before menses
  • Backache during menses
  • If her menses were delayed, she would have pain in limbs, dizziness, fullness of abdomen and a feeling that she was pregnant, which lasted for a couple of days

She had a Caesarean section due to breech presentation 4 years ago and delivered a male child.

She desired fish, sweets, salty food and ice cream, and disliked bitter food.

She lived in joint family with her husband and in-laws. As a person, she has a very irritable yet emotional nature. She would get angry on trifles, shout at others. Her hands would tremble when in anger.

Being fastidious, any mess at home done by anyone would irritate her and make her shout at them. She seemed a very obstinate, strong willed and social person.She would get anxious on visiting hospitals especially the municipal hospitals where the staff's rude behaviour scared her.

On physical examination, her uterus was retroverted and cervix was healthy.

Based on her information, Pulsatilla was selected as a suitable homeopathic prescription and she was started on regular treatment for her complaints.

Initially a month later no change was observed, but after a gap of 3 months, patient followed up with her menses which had regularised and become normal. Soon enough her urine pregnancy test came out to be positive with occasional pain in the hands and feet with pain in the lumbar region.

This time again Pulsatilla was continued and she was better within a month and her further pregnancy was uneventful.

This case clearly demonstrates the power of homeopathic medication in cases with gynaecological abnormalities.

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