Homeopathy Gives New Hope To A Woman Having Repeated Abortions
Homeopathy puts a stop to repeated abortions in a woman, thus rekindling the lamp of joy in her life as she conceived successfully.
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Mrs. MAR visited in June 2000, for her complaints of inability to conceive.

It was diagnosed to be a case of secondary infertility as she had history of two missed abortions in July 1996 and in March 1999 with the procedure of dilatation and curettage done after each abortion.

Ultrasonography revealed polycystic ovaries, while her husband was found to have oligospermia (sperm count less than normal).

This lady was quite obese with a dark complexion. She also had constipation as a complaint. She had an aversion to sweets. Her menses were usually late, dark red and clotted.

As a person, she was extremely anxious to conceive. Asense of hopelessness and depression had enveloped her, causing her to weep and develop an aversion to coition owing to sadness. She would get jealous on seeing other mothers and disliked her husband playing with other children.

Careful analysis of her case lead to the prescription of Syphilinum followed by Graphites.

The patient's husband was prescribed Thyroidinum .

This woman conceived in October 2000 with regular homeopathic treatment.

She was advised complete bed rest in view of the previous missed abortions. She had a full term normal delivery in July 2001 and became the proud mother of a healthy baby boy.

Homoeopathy helped this anxious melancholic lady with dampened spirits conceive successfully and restored happiness back in her life.

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