Student finds cure for Hypothyroidism with Holistic Homeopathy @Welcomecure!
Weight gain, scanty periods and lethargy were the chief manifestations of hypothyroidism in this 19 year old girl. Homeopathy helps restore the normal thyroid functioning and treats all her problems.
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A 19 year old college student was suffering from scanty periods, weight gain, loss of energy and weakness since 1 year. She had received varied medicines for this but without any relief. 4 months back she got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Given her age and long term side effects of thyroid replacement therapy, she opted for homeopathic treatment with us. She used to experience severe anxiety and palpitations very frequently. Her other complaints were lethargy, sluggishness and no desire to work. She was also getting irritated due to her problems. And this was adversely affecting her studies. After a proper analysis, she was prescribed Calc Carb. The next period after starting Homeopathy was comparatively better. She was asked to continue medicines for few more months. The subsequent periods were getting better and with her hormones stabilizing even the weight was getting under control. She felt fresher, more energetic and more active than before. Homeopathy brought about a harmonious balance in the body and in her hormone levels.
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