Agony of an aged woman with gallstones get cajoled by Homeopathic remedies, thereby treating her hepatobiliary ailment.
An aged woman seems to be quite an agonizing state owing to her terrible abdominal pains. Been diagnosed with gall stones, her hepatobiliary ailment is treated with Homeopathic remedies and which cajoled her agonizing state.
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Smt. Dr. 68 years old was visited by a Homeopath on urgent basis for her terrible pain in abdomen and the following history of complaints was elicited:

  • Sharp shooting, at times burning pain in Right hypochondrium, which radiated to the back and right shoulder since 2weeks on and off.
  • This pain was worse from pressure, touch and by lying on right side and was relieved by lying on back, after passing stool and hot fomentation.
  • She had few other complaints of pain in lumbar region of back and knees which increased on movements and were relieved by hot fomentation. She also had numbness in soles since 2-3 months.

On physical examination her pulse and blood pressure were normal. Her tongue was clean and dry. On palpation of abdomen his liver was swollen and tender to touch.

Her ultrasonography of the abdomen showed a contracted gall bladder with thick walls containing multiple calculi of varying sizes, the largest measuring 7 mm.

Since couple of months, her appetite has decreased, otherwise he had liking for meat, ice cream and salty food while disliked fish. He gets good sleep with unremembered dreams. She also had severe constipation inspite of taking laxatives; Increased frequency of urination with urgency and stress incontinence since 9 months.

As a person she was very mild, submissive, indecisive and timid and was quite a lot dependent on her husband and needed his consent for every little thing. She always tried to do things for others and please them for want of appreciation. She weeps easily over trifles and needed to be consoled which made her feel better. Since few months she had become irritable and sentimental.

Past history of been operated for a small cyst in the left breast and of angina for which she has been taking medicines.

Father has a Diabetes mellitus with Ischemic heart disease and mother had an episode of myocardial infarction.

Her extensive case details upon examination, lead to the prescription of Pulsatilla 200. Over a period of a month with regular Homeopathic treatment her complaints gradually decreased and later on only her knee joint pain persisted but with lesser intensity. Her ultra-sonography of abdomen revealed reduction in number and size of gallstones measuring 4mm. later on she was kept off medicines as she was better.

We witness how the hepatobilliary ailment of aged woman with gall stones gets treated with Homeopathic medicines and her agony is hence cajoled.