A case of Viral Hepatitis shows the efficacy of Homeopathy.
A young male diagnosed with Viral Hepatitis is well managed by Homeopathic medicines. This shows the efficacy of Homeopathy to tackle the hindrances to healthy life posed by hepatic ailments.
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Mr. SC 24 years old presented with the following complaints:

  • Intermittent fever since 1 week, presented with chills and rigors followed by profuse sweating more so in the afternoon.
  • Severe nausea and vomiting of food and water as soon as it was taken.
  • Unsatisfactory stool and yellowish urine with burning urination.

He was febrile and had yellowish discoloration of skin with slight pallor. On palpation of abdomen he had tenderness in the right hypochondrium. On been investigated his liver function test were abnormal with all values raised. He tested positive for Australian antigen His appetite had diminished with thirst for large quantity at long intervals; while he disliked sweets.

He feared suffering and wanted to get out from his bed. He preferred talking only about studies and had anxiety about exams.

Past history of fever with chills about 3 months back.

His case presentation upon studies leads to the prescription of Bryonia 200. Within 7 days he started improving as his appetite improved and weakness reduced. In the next 2 weeks he improves further as his urine and stool were getting normal with decreased yellow color of skin. Coming 1 month saw improvement in him, was cheerful and playful, except for been tested positive for Australian antigen. He was then given Belladona 200 after which he got much better, resumed going to school and also tested negative for Australian antigen. Thereafter he had no complaints and was happy.

A case of Viral Hepatitis thus shows the efficacy of healing system of Homeopathy to tackle the hindrances to healthy life posed by Hepatic ailments.