A man with Gilbert's syndrome keeps faulting at health front since childhood until Homeopathy modifies this genetic malady of his.
A man keeps faulting at health front since childhood owing to his faulty genetic make-up which amounted to Gilbert's syndrome. Homeopathy breaks this long chain of suffering as it modifies the genetic malady of his.
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Mr. SU of age 30 years had the following presentation:

  • Progressive weakness on slightest exertion with no desire to get up in the morning.
  • Weakness and tiredness in calf muscles, more so in summer.
  • Constant nausea.
  • Weight loss since 6 months

On physical examination his pulse and blood pressure was normal, while on been investigated his serum bilirubin was raised 2.8mg/dl with indirect fraction of 2.2.mg/dl. S.G.P.T. was 71u/L which was raised too. Other investigations were normal.

He had cold intolerance. His appetite was low with no desire to eat, but was thirsty and previously desired salty food stuffs. He had burning during urination and urine was light yellow in color. Sleep was disturbed with dreams about business.

He been quite a lot helpful to others was short tempered on the other hand. He was just a student when he grieved over his father's sudden death. He has a habit of reaching on time for his duty always.

He had a history of Jaundice at the age of 15 years and 18 years during summer; also history of recurrent diarrhea, on eating outside food.

In his family his father had some skin eruption and died in a road accident; Mother has joint pains; and paternal grandmother died due to uterine carcinoma.

His case details were analyzed and he was given Phosphorous 30 and within 7 days his weakness decreased and he developed desire to work; also his serum bilirubin and S.G.P.T. values were lowered. But 10 days later his condition again worsened which was confirmed by his blood investigations with raised values; this time even after 10 days when he didn't improve, he was given Phosphorous 200. In the following 10 days his condition improved markedly and thereafter he continued to be in good frame of health with regular Homeopathic treatment.

A man with Gilbert's syndrome who kept faulting at health front since childhood, with Homeopathic medicines he regained his healthy state as it modified this genetic malady of his.