Genital Herpes cured with Homoeopathy
Read how Homoeopathic treatment completely cured recurrent genital herpes in this young female!
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28-year-old female, accountant by profession came to us with the complaint of recurrent genital herpes. She described that she had been to the best dermatologists in town but the eruptions showed no improvement. Thus, she decided to try Homoeopathy. She mentioned that severe stinging and smarting pain around the genitals had begun even before the eruptions began. The pain, irritation and itching increased after the eruptions appeared. Since then she has recurrent eruptions. The skin around the old eruptions was dry with cracks and unhealthy in appearance. She also added that slightest touch of napkin or clothes aggravated the itching thus she could barely move due to the eruptions. Her complaints were worse from washing, touch and in the night. She also added that once it started itching there was no relief for a long time. Based upon her symptomatology she was prescribed the Homoeopathic remedy Croton Tig. Her pain reduced considerably by the end of one month of treatment and she was completely better by the end of three months of Homoeopathic medications.
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