Homoeopathy cures genital herpes in a young male
Homoeopathic treatment gave him immense relief to a young male who was suffering from genital herpes since the past two weeks.Homoeopathic treatment gave him immense relief
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A 21-year-old male patient consulted us for the treatment of genital Herpes. He was suffering from the condition since the past two weeks and showed no improvement with other forms of treatment. He mentioned that it began with severe stinging and burning sensation around the genitals and within a day or two there was a very small eruption. The pain as well as the eruptions increased over 3-4 days and his suffering became unbearable. As the eruptions spread, the old eruptions became hard and crusty with severe dryness; the new eruptions were covered with sticky watery fluid, which oozed from the eruptions on slightest touch. He also mentioned that now since the past few days, there was a sensation of rawness. He also gave a history of slight fever in the beginning of eruptions. His complaints were worse from touch and better by wrapping up. Based upon his symptoms he was prescribed the Homoeopathic remedy Graphites. With the initiation of treatment his pain reduced and the eruptions started healing. Within three months, he was completely better and the skin around the genitals had become normal in texture as well.
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