A notable case of bulky uterus was successfully treated with Homeopathy
Bulkiness of uterus can cause a health scare in all women, especially those approaching or in the menopausal phase. Here, we see a 55 year-old lady suffering from this distress and how Homeopathy pulled her out of her health dilemma within just 2 months.
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A 55 year old lady consulted with symptoms and complaints of a bulky uterus. A bulky uterus signifies abnormal thickening of the innermost layer or endometrium of the uterus and can occur due to various reasons.

Based on her symptoms and characteristics, the homeopathic remedy Sulphur was prescribed to her.

She regularly followed up with gradual improvement, and within just 3 months, her uterus had reduced to the normal size.

Before Treatment:

After Treatment: