Dynamic results in degenerative disease with Homeopathic treatment.
Homeopathy helped a man with disabling and degenerative disease; to such an extent that he could live a life of confidence and self dependence.
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A 47 year old technician of a Political Party came walking with crutches supported by a partner. He was diagnosed a case of Paraplegia with Feet Drop due to Vitamin B 12 deficiency along with diffuse posterior annular disc bulge at L3-4 to L5-S1 level.

He was not able to lift his legs, feet, toes and stand without the support. He was getting numbness in thighs at night with sudden shock like sensation. It started all of sudden few years back. He had lost control over holding urine. After 4 years he experienced difficulty in walking, with bed wetting. Gradually, he lost capacity to walk as well as stand without support

Being a technician of a Political Party, he was very talkative, with an egoistic attitude. He was quiet, particular, perfect & industrious in his work. He could not tolerate injustice to himself as well as others.

Due to his illness, he was not able to work; he was getting too much bored and felt forsaken by the peoples, friends, and relatives. He was gradually getting indifferent with everyone as the disease was progressing. He used to frown a lot.

Before treatment his MRI showed- Diffuse posterior annular disc bulge is seen from L3/4 to L5/S1 levels indenting the thecal sac. Also Vitamin level were low initially, but increased later, but disease progressed, indicating paraplegia due to disc prolapsed.

After through study of case he was given homeopathic medicine Plumbum met 0/1. After follow up his feet drop decreased. He was able to extend the lower limb with efforts and stand without support. With subsequent follow up he could control urine, was able to lift his legs and feet, and walk without stick for few foot-steps. Confidence returned.

Homeopathy not only worked superbly in such fast progressing and disabling diseases; but also led a man live life with full confidence.

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