Homeopathy lets a male with diabetic nephropathy to tide over his condition of chronic renal failure and salvages renal functions.
A male been in the complicated state of diabetic nephropathy lands in chronic renal failure. With Homeopathy he not only tides over this critical state without undergoing dialysis, but also is able to salvage his renal functions to quite an extent.
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In the year 2007, a 47 years old male who was a known case of Diabetic nephropathy, presented with following complaints since a year:

  • Pain in left foot with difficulty walking.
  • Bilateral pedal edema up to the knees pitting in nature.
  • Swelling of the face.
  • Increased frequency of urination.
  • Itching in genitals.

On been investigated he had Hemoglobin of 11.4gm%, Serum Urea of 119 mg %, Serum Uric Acid of 16.4 mg % and Serum Creatinine of 10.0 mg. he was not on dialysis.

He been a chronic smoker and an alcoholic had left his vices a year back and had a husky hoarse Voice.

His thirst had increased, while he desired fried food and chilled water. He gets nightmares as if legs were cut while crossing the road and at times of flying in air. He is intolerant of warm weather.

He been separated from wife and children 10 years back, still misses his family. He is quite sympathetic, and is off late tensed due to younger brother's career. He is under financial constraint.

In the past he has had fracture of Radius 15 years back, Head Injury 10 years back and was operated for subdural hemorrhage 9 years back.

On analyzing his case he was given Causticum initially then increasing potencies up to LM 14. With months of treatment his general condition improved and his voice got better. So did his pain and swelling foot also got better. Investigations gradually improved in parameters which confirmed his improvement. Finally after a year; his Hemoglobin was 12.6 gm % and Serum Creatinine of 3.54mg% with other parameters also lowered.

Homeopathy thus lets a male with diabetic nephropathy to successfully tide over his condition of chronic renal failure and salvages renal functions.

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