Homeopathy heals old diabetic having complications of diabetic foot with gangrene.
An old man been chronically affected with Diabetes and Hypertension, lands into the complication of Diabetic foot with Gangrenous changes. He has been ailing for quite a while in spite of been on conventional medicines for his illness, it's then Homeopathy plays the right strategy for him to outright the complicated state of gangrenous foot.
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Mr. G.P. 62years old male, a known case of Diabetes mellitus and Hypertension under allopathic treatment, came with the diagnosis of diabetic foot for consultation in April 2011, for his following set of complaints not relieved by conventional medicines:

  • Gangrene of left foot since 6 months with stitching pain in the affected foot which is worse on Squatting down and while walking, while taking rest and keeping the part open relieved the pain.
  • The gangrenous part had profuse watery discharge with occasional oozing of blood.

He also had an associated complaint of burning sensation in epigastric region along with heaviness of lower abdomen which got worse after eating and was relieved on passing flatus. This complaint started since 5 months after taking antibiotics for gangrene. He also complained of heaviness of head.

On consultation his blood sugar level was 319 g/dl and his blood pressure was 136/84 mm Hg. His speech was slurred while his tongue showed furrows in the centre and was dry laterally.

Excessive hunger caused headaches for him; he had inordinate desire for warm food and sweets. He had unsatisfactory stools, with increased frequency of urination in night. His sleep was disturbed. He sweated profusely on slightest exertion.

He suffered from Typhoid in childhood and had Left sided Brain hemorrhage 4 years back. 3 years back, he had similar gangrene on the big toe of the left foot for which he was operated and was relieved.

His mother has Hypertension and Diabetes, while maternal grandparents are Hypertensive. His father died of Cardiac arrest. His brother is suffering from chronic renal failure while his sister has Blood cancer

He has been a chronic alcoholic till about last year, as he had a habit of drinking alcohol regularly.

Been a perfectionist, fastidious, workaholic and anxious old man, he disliked been contradicted and shouted when angry. He was sympathetic and punctual man with deep furrows over forehead. He spent money carefully.

His whole case presentation was studied in department and he was given Arsenic album increasing order of potency till 0/16 during the first 5 months of treatment. In this period his Diabetic foot with gangrenous changes improved gradually and his other associated complaints were settled too.

Before the treatment:


After the treatement:


His ordeal was almost about to end but in October 2011 with an attack of typhoid fever his diabetic foot got worsened again. He received conventional medicines again for Typhoid and later he was prescribed Crotallus horridus and Echinacea mother tincture was been used for dressing. In a span of a year he his Diabetes was well under control and there was no wound or pain whatsoever.

Thus, Homeopathy played the right healing strategy for this old diabetic to outright the complications of diabetic foot with gangrene.

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