Homeopathy could do what the expensive anti-dandruff shampoos couldn't!
Dandruff can be a big nuisance and even an emabarassment at times. Homeopathy can safely and effectively help you tackle this ailment. This case shows you how!
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A 22 year female was suffering from white scaly dandruff since 6 months. Scaly eruptions were also present on the scalp. Patient is very sensitive to cold and the dandruff aggravated in the winter season.

She experienced violent, burning and itching. The itch would be worse at night and on exposure cold air drafts. She would need to wrap her scalp with a cloth so as to prevent itching and felt better with it. Many anti-dandruff shampoos were tried but there was no relief.

Mezereum helped a lot in allaying her problems of dandruff. Dandruff and Itching was reduced a lot after about a month of homeopathic treatment. She continued the treatment for 3 more months.

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