Young man with dandruff finds his solution in homeopathy
Dandruff can be a big nuisance and even an emabarassment at times. Homeopathy can safely and effectively help you tackle this ailment. This case shows you how!
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A 32 year old male had been suffering from dandruff since 2 years. The scales were very moist and sticky. Yellowish scales were formed and an offensive smell would come from his head. He had severe itching due to the dandruff and had to scratch his head all the time.

He also suffered from severe hairfall which would leave bald spots on his scalp. He had lost confidence because of his balding and dandruff.

This patient was prescribed Kali Sulph for 15 days. Later, he came for follow up and reported substantial improvement in dandruff. Medicine was continued for another 3 months, and a good visible improvement was evident.

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