An ordinary rescued street dog, gets into the jinx of convulsions, only to be rescued this time with homoeopathic medicines.
A street dog rescued ends up in a convulsion, post rabies vaccination; and his jinx of seizures is broken with homoeopathic medicines.
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A Street dog was rescued from Mexico in June 2008 and was administered rabies vaccination, and when placed in a home in California, on October 2008, and he experienced an epileptic seizure the same day. He was on his back and was shaking continuously. He was not able to move, with his legs been rigid. This episode lasted approximately for 10 minutes.

The owner consulted the physician online for the treatment of his dog. The physician treated this highly irritable and excitable canine in an epileptic attack by advising him to administer his dog a medicine named Nux vomica 200. After a couple of doses, the canine had jerks, but of lesser intensity. The same medicine was given again in 1M potency, within 3 hours, the frequency of jerks came down to 1 -5 every 10 minutes, and by evening it came down further to 1 every hour. Nux Vom 1M was continued for a while, and later was followed by Tub 1M. Since then the canine has not had any major attack.

Thus a rescued street dog caught in the jinx of seizures is rescued this time with homoeopathic medicines.

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