An old man continues to struggle in life, as he combats the disease of chronic renal failure with the right Homeopathic remedy
An old man has been struggling throughout his life, while he is affected with chronic renal failure. He continues to struggle in his life, as he combats his illness with the right Homeopathic remedy.
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67 years old Mr. S.C. comes in for consultation for his complaints of:

  • Bilateral Pedal edema
  • Itching all over body
  • Involuntary urination at night
  • Headache
  • Decreased appetite with heartburn.

On investigations his serum urea was high 108 mg% and serum creatinine was 5.2mg%. He was diagnosed to have chronic renal failure of unknown etiology.

He desires salty food and had intolerance to fried food causing constipation. His urine was very offensive. He was quite sensitive to cold weather and liked clear fine weather.

Has had to struggle a lot throughout his life and had become anxious about his business since 1 and half years. He was very much sympathetic but used to get angry quite easily.

In the past he had a history of Pneumonia 4 years ago and Typhoid 15 years ago

In his family his father has Coronary Artery Disease, diabetes Mellitus; mother has Breast cancer; 2 of his siblings have Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus.

His case was analyzed and he was given Staphysagria and later increased potencies up to LM13. He responded well to the given medicines along with dialysis which he has been taking earlier too. His improvement was confirmed by his lowered serum creatinine levels of 2.4mg% after a period of 6 months.

An old man who continued to struggle in life as he finally combats the ailment of chronic renal failure with the right Homeopathic remedy

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