Homeopathy relieves the restricted neck movements, whilst restrains the degenerative disease process of cervical spondylosis.
A middle aged woman with painful restricted movements of neck encounters how homoeopathy relieves her pains, whilst it keeps a check on the degenerative disease process of cervical spondylosis.
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At the age of 37years, a woman had the following complaints since 6-7years:

  • Stiffness of neck followed by pain over the nape of the neck and back with radiation up to the right hand
  • Back and the neck pains are increased in the evening, on stooping and while lying on the sides
  • Lying down on the back and pressure relieved the back and the neck pains
  • Numbness of right arm and the hand
  • The stiffness and pain have gradually increased in intensity, more so after a vigorous neck massage once taken and were never relieved by allopathic medicines.

A MRI of the cervical spine confirmed the diagnosis of cervical spondylosis.

Another complaint of her was that of headache over the vertex region which appeared on every change of weather, on travelling and on starving; while it was relieved by smelling some balm. She also had heaviness over the forehead, between the eyes since 2 months.

Her frequency of passing stools increases with pain the neck and back. She has un-refreshing sleep with dreams of roaming around. She has 2 children, both delivered by cesarean section and apart from that had 2 abortions. She gets mild dysmenorrheal on first day of menses.

She is a fastidious lady and does all things in great hurry. She has an insecurity of mind with fear of misfortune. Other strong fears she has are of height and water. She gets angry on trifles, and shouts. In childhood she failed in 7th standard, she felt very much insulted then.

She has a history of undergoing an open heart surgery at the age of 5 and also had typhoid in childhood. 12 years back she underwent right ear tympanoplasty post ear infection. At present for the past 6 years, she has been diagnosed with endometriosis and is under treatment.

In her family her paternal grandfather has diabetes mellitus.

On physical examination, her pulse was 76 while her blood pressure was 130/80. Her neck movements were painfully restricted.

Initially she was prescribed Arnica Montana as she had an immediate history of injury post neck massage. After an extensive case study, she was prescribed Ammonium mur followed by increasing potencies upto 0/14. She showed gradual improvement in one month. In subsequent days of treatment, she was given indicated medicines like Radium brom and Nux vomica followed by increasing potencies upto 0/9 were used. This was followed by Ammonium mur. After 5 months of treatment her neck movements were free, with no pains.

Before the treatment:

Before treatment Cervical Spondylosis case img1
Before treatment Cervical Spondylosis case_img2

After the treatment:

After treatment Cervical Spondylosis case_img1
After treatment Cervical Spondylosis case_img2

This case show how homoeopathic medicines have relieved her painfully restricted movements of neck, but at the same time has restrained the degenerative disease process of cervical spondylosis.

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