A Striking Case of Nervous Bronchitis got Sustained Relief with Homeopathy
A 21 year old boy suffering with Nervous Bronchitis was on Inhalers and nebulisation since 4 years when he consulted us. After starting homoeopathic treatment, he recovered from his ailments and began enjoying his daily routine and swimming.
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We were consulted by a 21 year-old boy who was suffering from Nervous Bronchitis. His complaints had begun when he was appearing for his University examination.

He wanted to be a medical doctor and studied diligently day and night to achieve his dream. During examinations, he would get nervous and eventually land up with acute breathlessness.

Because of this, he found it extremely difficult to study.

On the basis of his symptoms, the remedy Lobelia was given.

Patient began feeling better and reported that he could concentrate in his studies.

The treatment continued for about 2 years and today, the patient is free from his symptoms.

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