Homeopathy Rescues A 33 year-old man from Allergic Bronchitis
A 33 year old man who had a travelling occupation was completely frustrated with his allergic troubles as they were disrupting his life and work. Homeopathy relieved his illness completely and helped him lead a happy healthy life.
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A 33 year old man was suffering with Allergic Bronchitis for many years.

His job required frequent travelling especially in humid climates which usually brought on his complaints. He initially had a recurrent tendency to catch cold frequently which gradually developed into chronic cough. Cough was wet in character along with coryza.

He usually sought temporary relief through inhalers and nebulization that alleviated his troubles albeit on a short-term basis. This ongoing suffering troubled him a lot leading him to a point of frustration that began to affect his wellbeing and work.

His case presentation was suggestive of Allergic Bronchitis and based on his symptoms, the remedy Natrum Sulphuricum was selected as his homoeopathic prescription.

The medicines suited him well and he started responding within 15 days of treatment. His coryza and wheezing reduced; and his cough started getting better gradually.

He continued Homoeopathic treatment for almost 2 years which not only helped him get rid of his symptoms,but also provided enough resilience within the patient to tackle the allergic tendencies.

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