30 year-old Woman with Allergic Bronchitis Finds Sweet Relief Through Homeopathy
A 35 year old lady was suffering from Allergic Bronchitis for a long time. She was on prolonged use of inhalers and nebulization which only relieved her temporarily. Homeopathic treatment freed her from her allergies and helped her lead a healthy life.
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A 35 year-old lady presented with symptoms of severe chest congestion, wheezing and an extremely dry cough. She had been working as a clothes presser for almost 20 years. This occupation exposed her to extreme heat and smell of coal used in her Iron which seemed to be the exciting factor for all her troubles.

She was seeking treatment with the help of inhalers and nebulization since 2 years which only helped her temporarily. Her complaints would getter better for a while but recur again. She wanted a permanent solution to her allergic problems and took help of Homeopathy.

Her case was studied in detail and she was diagnosed with Allergic Bronchitis.

Natrum Arsenicum was selected as a suitable prescription for her case and she took her treatment regularly. She began noticing a considerable change in her symptoms within 15 days of homoeopathic treatment.

Within a span of 3 years, she recovered very well with immense relief in her symptoms and got rid of her inhalers completely.

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