An injured back repaired naturally with Homeopathy
Incapacitated as a result of post-traumatic backache, this 52 year old resorted to Homeopathy at Welcome Cure. To his astonishment, he found relief much faster than he had expected
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A case of backache post injury in a 52 year old man had been greatly relieved with Homeopathy. He had experienced a fall while climbing down the stairs when his legs slipped and he hit his back too hard on the ground. Although the X-Rays were normal and there was no bone involvement, the ligaments had been stretched and injured.

He was taken to an orthopaedic for immediate first aid and had taken pain killers for about 1 month. There was some relief to the pain with the medicines, but it did not go away completely. The doctor said much larger doses of pain killers should not be given and so he opted for homeopathy for further relief.

There was not much history apart from this and he was prescribed Arnica. His pain subsided a lot in a fortnight and he continued to take medicines for another month or so. His pain had disappeared completely and his mobility increased too.

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