Homeopathy helped this 44 year old man to bid good bye to his backache for good
Distressed and disturbed due to daily backaches, this middle aged man was able to commute to work pain free because of Homeopathy
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A 44 year old male came with a chief complaint of back ache in the middle area of his back since 4-5 years. Pain would get severe at night compelling him to wake up from his sleep. He experienced terrible stiffness on rising making it difficult for him to get up from bed.

It all began after he shifted his residence farther from his work place. He would commute daily on his bike and had to travel for an hour and half at a stretch both times. This triggered the backache and since then it had been continuous. Not using the bike was not an option for him.

His other complaints were bloating of abdomen, gaseousness and occasionally constipation. He was a very health conscious person in general and maintained himself very well. He was very family-oriented too with some set rules of discipline laid down for himself as well his family.

He was given Kali Carb. The patient said in his own words that no other medicine has helped me so far as much as this one has. Within 8 months of Homeopathy, his back had recovered a lot and he could now commute to office on his bike without any pain.

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