Avascular Necrosis of left Femoral Head had superb relief with homeopathy.
A case of a man who was advised recurrent surgery for avascular necrosis of his left femoral head; effectively improved with homeopathy.
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A 40 year old gentleman, came with complain of severe pain in left hip joint, since 1 year. He was diagnosed a case of Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head. His pain was more on left side. He felt better with continuous motion. Stretching the left leg eased pain but uncovering at night increased it. There was swelling, inflammation, stiffness at left hip.

He liked sweets and tobacco very much. He hated fatty food to great extent. He could not sleep properly due to pain and frightful dreams. He mostly dreamt of his cousin brother who died 17 years ago. And also saw death of relatives frequently. He belonged to poor socio-economic family. Now he was working as a Machine Operator in a company. He was very hasty in nature; did everything very hurriedly. Left Leg was shorter than right.

He took several treatments for hip pain but had no relief. Orthopaedician advised him Total Hip Replacement Surgery which was not affordable for the patient. Also re-surgery was required every 5-10 years. Surgery would also cause limitation to movement.

Currently patient could not concentrate at work due to pain; so he used to eat something which made him comfortable.

MRI OF HIP JOINTS before treatment revealed feature of Left hip Avascular necrosis with changes causing architectural distortion & subarticular irregularity seen in the left femoral head with mild joint effusion.

On considering all symptoms he was given Calcarea fluorica 6X. With subsequent follow up he was feeling better. Now he could walk for 15-20 min freely. Syphilinum 1M was given. After 6 months there was no pain in hip. He could walk freely for 1 hour.

MRI OF HIP JOINTS after treatment revealed- Sequelae of Avascular necrosis seen with architectural distortion with flattening of left femoral head. The left acetabular margin is intact. As compared to previous MRI, no significant interval change noted. No further progression of the disease seen. The right hip & both S.I. joints are normal.

So in a case where recurrent surgery was advisable and that also not fully successful; homeopathy achieved effective results.