Non surgical Homoeopathic treatment for Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head
A case of Avascular Necrosis of Femoral head improved with homeopathy; not only relieved pain and restriction of mobility, but also satisfied the patient, since he could pursue his hobbies now.
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A 42 Year old doctor came with severe pain in Right Hip Joint since 2 months. He took some anti-inflammatory medicines without any effect. Being a Doctor, he was worried about the cancer. He himself had done X-Rays of both hips, which were normal. He took medicines without any result.

As pain was increasing and affecting his daily work, he was not able to squat or sit down & limping due to severe pain. He had done MRI of both HIPS which showed avascular necrosis of femoral head. Heaviness as well as throbbing pain in right hip joint. Pain was worse at start of motion, but got better with continuous motion. It increased on exposure to cold air or by squatting. Also there was a flat wart at the back of wrist.

He got married with a doctor and had 2 daughters. He had past disappointments in love before marriage, which made him depressed, so he joined a Religious community & was spending much time there. He had explained regarding his past life to his wife. This created some disputes between him & his wife. And to avoid that, he used to escape from home to temple. He was much lazy. Because of the disappointment & dispute, he became indifferent towards everything. Previously he was not so.

When the diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis was found, he started worrying about the future. Due to pain, he was frustrated. He had severe tenderness in front side of Right Hip joint.

He was given Homeopathic medicine Sepia 1 M and Bio-combinaton No.26. Also he was advised full movement and activities. After follow ups there was no pain in Right Hip, was able to squat .Limp was absent, was able to bend hip.

He was very much happy and satisfied as he was able to perform all his duties & enjoy the hobbies. Homeopathy not only relieved severe pain and limitation of movement, patient was facing; but also let him enjoy life to fullest.