A male Labrador kept slipping down, owing to his skin complaints and arthritis, is now well braced by homoeopathy to an extent.
A male Labrador with skin ailments and arthritis, which kept relapsing again and again, is on homoeopathic treatment for a long. The dog is well braced by homoeopathic medicines, to some extent.
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Rex, 8.5 years old male Labrador with arthritis and Skin ailments was seen in September 2006 with the following presentation:

  • Lameness since a long time required him to be on daily pain killers to relive the pain which grew worse with days passing by.
  • His skin ailment consisted of persistent molting of skin.

His past illnesses consisted of:

  • He had a mild episode of convulsion 3-4 days prior; with a history of 1 episode of convulsion a year.
  • He had suffered arthritis in both stifles since the age of 3yrs which suddenly started after a cruciate injury.
  • He had constant watering of eyes.
  • He emitted an offensive odor, temporarily lessened by bathing
  • A 'lump' suddenly developed in the left triceps, about 3 weeks back.
  • He startles suddenly.

He was on daily pain killers along with homeopathic medicine Ruta and a magnetic bed; which hardly helped this poor pet.

Physical examination revealed positive findings in the lumbo-sacral region, possibly from spondylosis

The homeopathic treatment plan commenced with Phosphorus, Calcarea fluorica, and Sulphur and Biochemic Combination no. 19. Within a month he improved drastically. And his skin molting too had decreased. At this stage another remedy Iodum was added. In January 2007, he was reported with his head been 'stuck down' from time to time, probably due a neck pain. But now he had a lovely black coat; the brown discoloration had cleared completely. He was prescribed Cimicifuga and Hypericum for the neck pain, which was confirmed on examination. Next reporting was in November2007, and the Labrador was all good with no relapses, but with continued treatment with Kalmia and Cimicifuga.

Thus this male Labrador who kept on slipping down with relapsing complaints of skin and his arthritis was well braced by continued homoeopathic treatment, to get him back on his feet.

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