Severe anxiety and cardiophobia with excessive sexual urge relieved with homeopathy.
Homeopathy relieved a man with anxiety. Also it turned a lascivious man with only sex on his mind, into a good social worker. Thus homeopathy has tremendous effect on both mind & body.
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A 36 Years old male, a diagnosed case of Anxiety Neurosis with Cardio-phobia, came with the complaints of pain in left side of chest extending to groin, since 1 year. Stitching type pain associated with oppression in chest when reclining. He had pressing headache in sides of back of head while sitting Used to feel sudden weakness in evening.

Absent mindedness started as soon as lot of thoughts crowded in his mind. Also when he suffered from constipation, absentmindedness increased. He liked spicy food, tobacco, stimulants such as Tea, Coffee, and Thumps up extremely. His could not sleep properly because of disturbing dreams. He dreamt of death of his friend and relatives frequently.

He was born in poor socio-economic family. When he was in 10th standard, he developed very high sex drive. Actually since that time, he developed a real problem. He used to stand on the streets & ogles at women. There were continuous thoughts of sex since that time & persisted till today. He was not able to come out of these sexual fancies. Since then he was having excessive sexual desire at night with continuous excessive violent erections before & during sleep.

He completed 12th & joined service in Municipal Corporation & worked in different departments of it. But he was not able to concentrate in work due to sexual thoughts. He was married with 2 kids. He became indifferent to his wife. He started avoiding household responsibilities thereafter. He had multiple relations before & after marriage.

Based on his symptoms, he was given Acid Fluor 1M. After 15 days as soon as he entered the room, the first sentence was: "Saheb, You have done miracle." Chest Pain reduced much. Felt much energetic. He was very happy. Sexual thoughts much reduced. After one month he looked happy. Chest pain and severity reduced. He was much energetic, confident and focused. Sexual thoughts much controlled. He became social worker.

Thus a man with only sex on his mind not only got rid of physical problems; but also emerged as a social worker, helpful for society with the help of homeopathic treatment.

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