Homeopathy accelerated progress of a resilient disease condition!
A poor girl whose work was affected because of her disease, found swift relief in homeopathic treatment.
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A 22 year old unmarried woman came with complaint of pain in both the sacroiliac joint and spine since 2 - 3 years. Radiation of pain was till fingers and toes with numbness.

Pain and stiffness went on increasing with time. She had difficulty in holding objects with tingling type of pain. It was more on getting up at morning, prolonged sitting and bending. She had Ankylosis Spondylosis.

She was short of stature and medium built. Her face was greasy, pimply and fair. She craved rice but disliked vegetables and spicy food. Thirst was less. She had profuse red staining offensive sweat.

She was an embroidery worker. She was obedient, calm person; did not get angry easily. She feared lizards.

Based on her symptoms she was given Calcarea Sulphurica. Her condition improved at breakneck speed and she was very satisfied with homeopathic treatment.