Homoeopathy relieves Anal Fissure in a young female.
An 18-year-old female who consulted us for the treatment of Anal Fissure was pleasantly surprised by how fast her sufferings got relieved with Homeopathy
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An 18-year-old female consulted us for the treatment of Anal Fissure. She said that she has been suffering from fissures since two years. She tried various forms of medications but noting gave her relief. She mentioned that she felt immense pain around the anus and that increased post stools. She added that she felt as if the anus was full of broken pieces of glass. This kind of sensation made it difficult for her to walk or even sit comfortably. She also had few episodes of bleeding during stools due to the fissures. At such times, the pain lasted for a very long time, sometimes even hours after stools. There used to be uncontrollable itching around the anus. Whenever she passed hard stools, her anal region used to swell up and she had a sensation as if her anus was constricted and it was filled with hot coal or fire. Based upon her symptom picture she was prescribed the Homeopathic remedy Ratanhia. Her complaints showed gradual reduction over a period of time. The fissure healed in a months� time and the recurrence of fissures also stopped after eight months of Homoeopathic treatment.
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