Homoeopathic medications relieve chronic anal fissures.
This case is about a 55-year-old female who was suffering from chronic recurrent Anal Fissures since eight years. Homoeopathic medications relieved her sufferings within 6 months.
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A 55-year-old homemaker consulted us for the complaint of Anal Fissures since the past eight years. She had tried various forms of treatment but nothing gave her permanent relief. She was also advised surgery but she was never comfortable with the idea of being operated and therefore never went ahead with it. She mentioned that she always had the issue of unsatisfactory and hard stools. Due to hard stools, her complaints of fissures used to increase. Whenever she passed hard stools, she experienced stinging pain that lasted for a few hours post stools. The pain used to cause difficulty in walking as well as sitting over hard surfaces. At times due to the pain she felt that her anus was paralyzed. Her pain was better by warm application and increased on slightest touch. She added that her troubles increased after she ate non-veg food or spicy food. And also had one or two episodes of bleeding from the anal fissure due to hard stools. Keeping all her symptoms in mind, she was prescribed the Homoeopathic remedy Silica. She started showing improvement within one week of treatment. Her constipation was much better. The existing fissure healed within three weeks of medication. The occurrence of anal fissures ceased completely after six months of treatment.
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