Teenage boy is delighted by homoeopathy as his plight of alopecia areata comes to an end
A teenage boy whose hair was falling out in clumps and leaving bald spots felt himself in genuine danger of becoming completely bald. He had tried practically all the brands of hair and scalp creams and oils, only to find new bald spots every time he faced the mirror as days passed.Much to his delight, homoeopathy provided him with a solution to his plight.
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This 16 year old boy started to experience hair fall in his highschool days. From this point, the woes of this academically brilliant lad only increased and the pitying reaction he received from others rubbed salt in his wounds. He began to grow anxious about the impending humiliation he would face in his rapidly approaching college life.

His wide array of social friends and relatives loved no less for his condition and they kept trying to cheer him up. However, this did nothing to assuage his worries and he continued sulking and grieving on the inside while wearing a wide smile on his face in for the world.

He tried all the hair and scalp products he could get his hands on, consisting of a variety of different brands only to end up constantly disappointed for 6 long months. New bald patches kept appearing, each resulting in no small amount of grief.

Homoeopathy was suggested to him as a sure way of getting positive results, and to his delight he encountered a homoeopathic physician. He was given PHOSPHORUS 200, 1M and TUBERCULINUM 1M over 8 months. At the end of 8 months, he was able to face the mirror confidently and delight in his thick head of hair.

Four months have passes now since his treatment has been stopped, and the teenage boy continues to be delighted thanks to homoeopathy.

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