Homeopathy Puts a Definitive Stop to Persistent Nosebleed
A young boy was distressed by persistent nosebleed occurring due to respiratory allergies. No amount of medication or supportive treatments helped stop the epistaxis. It was with regular homeopathic treatment that he finally found comfort.
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A 12 year old boy presented with complaints of recurrent nosebleed every 15 to 20 days since 3 years. The episodes were very frequent and troublesome.

His parents had consulted many specialists and tried various treatments in order to help their son but the complaints persisted.

They turned to Homeopathy as their last hope.

On detailed study of the case, the patient was known to have multiple allergies which caused respiratory complaints along with his epistaxis. Allergy to dust was noted.

Based on this information, Phosphorus was prescribed as a remedy.

The patient had his first follow up after 15 days, wherein he had one bout of nosebleed which was much less in comparison to the previous episodes.

He continued homeopathic treatment for 1 year and found complete relief in his complaints.

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