Sensitivity of a Young female with allergic rhinitis been desentisized by homoeopathy
A young software professional in her mid twenties was sensitive to cold air, cold food stuffs and drinks, and even the least amount of dust. When exposed to any of these, she would end up in a miserable state of allergic rhinitis. With the commencement of homoeopathic treatment, her physical sensitivity has been under control and her miserable condition has come to an end.
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A 24year old software professional starting a new and exciting job found it troublesome to sit for 8hours in an AC environment; by end of the day she would have a stuffy nose with thick nasal discharges. Additionally, she would feel heavy headed and find herself having to constantly clear her nose. Using nasal drops was inevitable for her.

Her complaints of allergic rhinitis which had begun in her teens subsequently worsened since she started her new job. Recently along with the above complaints, she found that her sense of smell was diminishing and a bad odour started to emanate from her nose. She had to forgo ice-cream which was her favourite food- as she would begin to sneeze after eating even a single spoon of it. All of these compromises only served to increase her misery and annoyance.

She tried various modes of treatment but to no avail- her physical sensitivity to cold and dust simply would not be cured.

Her heightened sensitivity was pacified with homoeopathic medicines when she was prescribed Ammonium Carb 200, Pothos Foetidus 6c and saline water solution as nasal drops. To her delight, her sneezing reduced drastically from the very start, and she also obtained relief from a running nose and watery itchy eyes- thus her misery came to an end. An additional cause for happiness- she can now breathe freely and relish her desire for softies.

At the end of her treatment she was given Meddorrhinum 1M, it has been 2years since her treatment ended successfully. And now her balanced sensitivity gives her the ease to live freely.