A Girl with Troublesome Adenoids finally found Relief with Homeopathy
A girl with resistant nasal blockage was distressed because she could find no relief even after consulting many doctors. In spite of using nasal decongestants since 2 years, her complaints were still the same. It was finally with Homeopathy that she was comforted.
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A 6 year old girl was very much troubled because of recurrent nasal congestion. She was on decongestants since 2 years and had consulted many doctors, without any relief. Because of her complaints, her routine was disturbed and she could not perform well during school tests.

On examination, both her nostrils were blocked and she was breathing through mouth. She was advised to get an X-Ray of posterior nasopharynx done. Her reports confirmed the presence of enlarged adenoids.

On the basis of symptoms, the homeopathic remedy Agraphis Nutans was prescribed. The patient reported after 15 days saying she was already feeling better.

The treatment continued for about 3 years and the patient was free from enlarged adenoids.