Complaints of Adenoids relieved with homeopathic treatment
Child suffering with adenoids and academic issues found prompt relief in homeopathic treatment.
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A five year old female child came with complaint of enlarged adenoids. He had stoppage of nose with sneezing. Also he had complaint of tonsillitis. He had history of recurrent fever.

His father had same problem of tonsils and adenoids.

Child was emaciated with peevish cold extremities. He had ravenous and insatiable hunger he craved salty things, sausages and smoked meat. He disliked milk, curd and cold water. He was chilly child, was uncomfortable in cold weather. He sometimes talked in sleep.

She was good in studies. She was sensitive, restless, and irritable, couldn't sit at one place, and was afraid of her mother. On eating ice-creams, she had sore throat with swelling and redness of throat. She gets bored easily. She desired to travel a lot from place to place.

During childhood her milestones were delayed. She started learning things slowly, to walk slowly, and legs were not so strong to support the body. She had pain in abdomen with diarrhoea.

Based on her symptoms, she was given Calcarea Phosphorica 200. After a week, her coryza and sneezing was better. Size of tonsils reduced. Appetite was good, no constipation.

Sleep was good with no bad dreams.

After 15 days, size of tonsils greatly reduced. Sleep was better with no sounds. After 15 days she was better and even indulged more in studies rather than getting bore.

She played around with happiness and told everyone that her throat was fine.

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