Acute Renal Failure in an Old Woman Controlled with Homeopathy
Acute Renal Failure is both, distressing and dangerous. Read on to know how Homeopathy averted this danger in an old lady.
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This is the case of a 94 year-old lady patient who came with complaints suggestive of Acute Renal Failure.

Her investigative blood reports showed a Urea count as high as 130 mg/dl and serum Creatinine as 5.0 mg/dl.

Taking into account her symptoms as well as blood reports, the remedy Kalium iodatum was prescribed for her.

Within just a month of homeopathic treatment, there was marked improvement in her health. Her blood urea and serum creatinine levels came down within the normal range, signifying recovery from Acute Renal Failure.

Before Treatment:

Case of Acute Renal Failure

After Treatment:

Case of Acute Renal Failure