Recurrence of Actinomycosis effectively stopped with homeopathy.
A case of egoistical politician with actinomycosis improved with homeopathy. His other general conditions also improved.
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A 70 year old politician came, for treatment of Actinomycosis on left foot. It was present since last 20 years. It was between joint of Great Toe & 2nd & 3rd toe. There were recurrent swelling, effusion, & eruptions. It was operated earlier, followed by long continued use of antibiotics & antifungal, which gave no relief to him. He had high blood pressure since 15 years. He had hypersensitivity to Sun, so had to wear full shirts. He used to suffer a lot from flatulence generally at 4 pm, after eating fatty food. Father also had high B.P., who died 5 years back.

By nature, he was a typical politician who sat in a chair with typical pompous attitude. He was dominating, dictatorial, boasts about his achievements in an egoistic tone. He was quiet reserved, used to frown a lot during conversation. He was quiet religious. He was very much sensitive to matters of the society & environment. He was quiet doubtful about recovery of his disease.

Based on above symptoms, he was prescribed homeopathic medicine Lycopodium 30 and Calcarea Fluor 6x. After subsequent follow ups he had no recurrence of the swelling, eruptions, and nodules. Flatulence in abdomen was much better.

Homeopathy not only improved the case of actinomycosis, but also prevented its recurrence.