A young student walked with confidence and charm because of Homeopathy. Acne wiped out, happiness prevailed!
This young boy got rid of Ance completely with Homeopathy. He not only got clear skin, he also got back his confidence!
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A 17 year old male, a student in Class 12, had been suffering from acne since 2 years. He had tiny, reddish papules all over his face, chest and neck. He would burst them impulsively leaving behind plenty of scars. He perspired a lot. His palms were wet with sweat and had offensive perspiration. He said whenever he would get anxious he would sweat a lot. He wanted to get rid of his acne completely as his confidence had lowered greatly due to his looks. He was very obsessive about his looks and would constantly look in the mirror for self assurance. This boy started developing pimples while he was in Class 10, preparing for his boards. He had been too nervous and anxious about his exams despite the fact that he was considered an intelligent student. He had a constant fear of failure. He was prescribed Silicea and all his pimples disappeared in 3 months. He continued treatment for another 3 months till he ensured there was no recurrence.
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