A classic case of Acne Vulgaris rendered clean & clear with Homeopathy!
Tired of all the systems of medicines, this young girl finally gave Homeopathy a shot. And was amazed at how well and fast her skin responded to Homeopathy.
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A young girl of about 21 years had come with the chief complaints of acne since 5 years. Her skin was very oily and she had very large pustules and papules on her face, arms, shoulders and neck. She also had a lot of blackheads and white heads along with blackish pigmentation of skin. She had tried Ayurveda, Allopathy, home remedies and even derma-abrasions. But they were of no help. She was unsure if homeopathy would help as none of the other treatments had helped her. The patient would become very touchy about her acne and would get too frustrated. She did not have any other complaints except that she had difficulty in concentrating on her work and loss of memory. She was prescribed Kali Brom and her acne was treated miraculously in just 2 months. Her skin had begun to clear and the scars lightened too. No wonder, Homeopathy is the best, most holistic science to treat various clinical conditions including acne vulgaris.
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