Sweet pills gave a sweet end to Acne woes of this young girl!
A 24 year old girl was all ready to be a 'glowing bride' with Homeopathy. Acne wiped out and clear skin prevailed.
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A young girl had come to seek homeopathy treatment for her acne just 5 months before her marriage. She suffered from acne since teenage years and had taken too many conventional as well as beauty treatments in last 3-4 years. But now her skin had become too sensitive and any superficial skin treatment would only aggravate her condition. She had multiple papules all over her face, most prominently on her cheeks and forehead. The eruptions would itch occasionally and even left scars over the years. She was very embarrassed about her condition and often felt she was ugly. Patient as a child was very cheerful and vivacious. She loved studying and was also interested in sports. She had not really bothered about her looks until she grew up as everyone started pointing out that her acne would be an obstacle to find out a suitable partner for marriage. She had become too frustrated with everything so much so that she decided she did not want to get married. She was given Sepia and within 1 month of treatment results started showing. Now new pimples were forming and the scars had started to fade in 4 months. Homeopathy not only wiped out acne, she also had glowing skin and she shone as a wonderful bride on her wedding day.
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