A young man with a common problem of acne, gets clear skin with homoeopathic medicines
A young man has been facing this common problem of acne for 4 long years, finally gets the happy with a clear skin, thanks to homoeopathy.
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21 year old man comes in for consultation for his skin ailments of acne. He gives the following history:

  • Small papulo-pustular eruption with persistent redness over the areas of the cheek, nose and forehead since 4-5 years.
  • It started on forehead on which he applied some ointment and took some oral allopathic treatment, which gave him no relief.
  • Since 4-5 days he is having yellow discharge from an eruption on the nose.
  • The skin has a lot of burning sensation with itching which gets aggravated on exposure to sun, in morning and is relieved by washing face with cold water.

He has hunger intolerance; and has liking for cold drinks and absolute intolerance to warm drinks and to cigarette smoking.

As a young boy when he failed in his tenth standard he felt very much insulted. He is way too ahead sensitive to rudeness and gets angry when his wrongs are been pointed out. He suppresses his emotions most of the times. He is sympathetic towards other. He has a hurried and apprehensive nature.

In family his mother has hypertension and sister has rheumatoid arthritis.

His detailed case studies lead to the prescription of Staphysagria. A week later on observation his complaint was better, no new spot appeared. Redness and itching also better. He was continued with Staphysagria in LM potency with increasing the potencies. After about 2 months he had a little bit of aggravation due to sun exposure, so Staphysagria was continued with much relief to patient. As compared before his face was much better and clean.

Before the treatment:

Before Acne Rosacea Img1
Before Acne Rosacea Img2

After the treatment:

After Acne Rosacea Img

He is at much ease and has a smile on his face as he faces the mirror to see his clear skin.

Thus, homoeopathy helps this young man with his common problem of acne to give him back that special happiness.

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