Homeopathy addresses Achalasia Cardia right from its roots in this 50 year old man
A 50 year old who suffered from acidity since a long time, developed pain and difficulty in swallowing. With Homeopathy he was able to eat again!
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A 50 year old man came with the chief complaint of pain and difficulty in swallowing foods as well as liquids. He would feel a sudden constricted feeling around his throat preventing him to eat. This began 2 years back and he had consulted many doctors and taken too many medications. He also went for endoscopic injections but they only gave him temporary relief. He is also known to suffer from chronic acidity and he would experience frequent episodes of heartburn and chest pain for which he tried many OTC drugs and home remedies. He was very conscious about his health and he always ensured that he only ate healthy meals. He was worried about the fact that despite taking so many preventive measures, his complaints did not stop. He was very anxious to know if homeopathy will really help as he did not want to go for surgery. He was prescribed Causticum 30 thrice a day for a week. After a month, his symptoms were much lesser. The treatment was continued for around 6 months after which he was totally symptom free. He was so satisfied with homeopathy that he recommended more patients as was his trait to help out those in need.
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