Homeopathic medicines help clear the abscess over the elbow of an ailing anxious lady.
An anxious lady is ailing because of her painful abscess over the elbow. Homeopathic medicines ensure rapid result.
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A lady named R.A., 44 years old complained of Abscess over left elbow since 3 days. Patient was apparently well 3 days back when she developed the following:

  • Small eruption which was initially red in color, which then increased in size and gradually filled with pus.
  • She has throbbing and splinter like pain with redness and swelling around the eruption.
  • The pan of abscess was increased on movement and touch.

On examining the eruption, pustular eruption had redness around with lot of swelling and yellowish discharge oozing out. On palpating the skin around the eruption it was tender and warm to touch.

She was thirst less; while her sleep was disturbed due to pain.

Owing to her complaints of abscess over left elbow, she was quite anxious.

Her whole case presentation was taken into account, to make a prescription of Crotalus horridus for her. Within a span of 2 days, the abscess over left elbow got healed.

Thus, Homeopathy successfully treats the abscess over the elbow for an ailing anxious lady.

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