Renowned Singer Manhar Udhas shares his experience with Homeopathic Treatment

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Manhar Udhas, Renowned bollywood Singer, shared his experience with homeopathic treatment. He said I am basically a singer; we are taught to sing more and talk less to save our voice. A few years back, I had a problem with my voice texture which is very important in film singing. My friend, Dr. Ketan Patel, suggested that I should go and meet Dr. Jawahar Shah in Mumbai.

I took an appointment with him and on meeting him was cordially reassured and given positive hope that I would recover. I would like to thank Dr. Jawahar Shah from the bottom of my heart for kindly treating my problem and getting me out of it. It is a great plight for a singer if anything happens to their voice, their whole life is gone.

My wife also had a little problem of Migraine. She would get headaches after sitting for hours in the auditorium in strong lights. But thanks to Dr. Jawahar, that part is also over. I am not only praising Homeopathy, but I am saying from my own experience that it's a great medication. You all are doing a great service for the human kind. This institute has given a lot of security to our health. I wish all the best to all of you esteemed doctors and congratulations to you all and Dr. Jawahar Shah

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