Poonam Dhillon, celebrated Bollywood actress, shares her views on Homeopathic Treatment

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I am here today, because, for years I have been enjoying the benefits of homeopathy. Dr. Jawahar Shah has been very kind, right from the time my kids were born. In fact, even before that when my mother was ailing from Asthma, the only relief and benefit that she would get was from Homeopathy.

I think it is a wonderful, especially for kids, I have always relied on homeopathy; because very strong medications with all its side effects, we all try to avoid that. It's a boon and a blessing. It's strange that I come from a family of allopath. I have been telling them that they should try Homeopathy as it gives relief without any side effects. I feel you should all fight against the malpractices as qualified doctors.

You should let the world know that there are no hidden things in the medicines and only measured medicines. Self medication in homeopathy is equally bad. Let us all benefit from your knowledge. I wish to say All the best and many many future years of doing good to the people. Wish you all a very bright future.