Ashwin Dalwadi, Father of Asmi Dalwadi
Horrible molluscum on face, completely vanished with homeopathy
Ashwin Dalwadi, Father of Asmi Dalwadi,
My daughter had 3 to 4 molluscum on her face for which I had consulted a few skin specialists. They had tried various medicines unsuccessfully. In fact, with all those medicines, the molluscum were increasing day by day and were almost covering the whole face. I was getting really concerned.

I found the name of Dr. Jawahar Shah on the internet and decided to try out his homeopathic medicines.

Dr. Jawahar Shah took my daughter's complete history and started medicines. He told me that it would take around 6 to 7 months to remove all the molluscum from her face. It was really a very pleasant surprise for me and my wife when all the molluscum disappeared in around 7 months and my daughter's face was as clear as before. My daughter got her clear skin back only due to the medicines and efforts of Dr. Jawahar Shah and his team. I am now very happy and will recommend his name to others too.
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