Mr. Farrokh Rusi Powvalla
Gout, obesity, joint pains & multiple issues managed successfully with homeopathy
Mr. Farrokh Rusi Powvalla,
I had multiple illnesses such as gout, obesity and joint pains. I came to know about Dr. Jawahar Shah from a friend of mine. As I was in a lot of pain, she suggested that I just go to him and get myself cured.

My experience with Dr. Jawahar Shah has been very fruitful and effective. The medicines that he prescribed have cured me fully.

I have also suggested Dr. Jawahar Shah's name to all my friends and colleagues. I have received a positive feedback from them too.

I Pray to God that he prospers in all his future prospects.

Thank you once again for all the care and medicines prescribed to cure my illnesses.

May God Bless You!
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