Dr Priyanka Mangla Testimonial
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CASE OF CYST IN A 60 YEAR OLD FEMALE: A very anxious female came to the clinic with the complain of a cyst like swelling on the right scapular region . Though the cyst was present since more than 6 months , now someone has feared her that it might be cancerous which prompted her to consult the doctor . On examination the cyst was found to be hard and immobile with a small opening in the centre . It was painless . With thorough case taking it was found that , she had a similar cyst prior to this on the left side and when that disappeared , this one appeared on the right side . On further case taking she revealed she has memory loss concerns too , tends to forget things in the shop after purchase , or forgets what work she was about to do . She was prescribed a dose of Lac. can . which not even cured the cyst , but there were no recurrences thereafter .
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