Second Opinion

Even well-experienced physicians may encounter a roadblock while treating some patient. In spite of re-working a case and putting in every effort, the patient just does not feel better.

Here you wonder:

- What to do!

- Where to go!

- How to relieve the patient!

What you need is:

- Someone who can study the case differently

- Someone who is more experienced

- Someone who keeps your identity and patient’s identity absolutely confidential

Ask our Experts! Take a sound, second opinion from internationally acclaimed doctors right from your clinic. Sometimes, all that is needed is a fresh pair of eyes to get you back on track!

Follow Just 5 Simple Steps for a 2nd Opinion:

Step 1: Browse through our panel of Expert Doctors, their cases, speciality and testimonials.

Step 2: Send us your case’s complete history, investigation reports, treatments given so far, with response to treatment and any relevant material with the name of the Expert you wish to get a 2nd opinion from.

Step 3: A Base Panel Doctor and your selected Expert* will study the case at length.

Step 4: The Expert Doctor will prepare the final prescription for your patient and prepare a short summary as to how they analyzed the case. The prescription will include Remedy name, Potency, Repetition, Diet & Nutrition, Do’s & Don’ts and regimen if required.

Step 5: You will dispense the medicine to your patient the way in which you feel comfortable and keep the Base Panel Doctor and Expert Doctor informed about the progress of your patient to the treatment.

Our Charges for Providing this Service are:

Months Indian Patients(INR) Overseas Patients
USA and Rest of the World
Europe(€) UK (£)
3 4500 250 200 150
6 7500 350 260 210
9 10000 450 340 270
12 12000 600 450 360
24 20000 1000 750 600

In case the patient does not get better, WelcomeCure, at its own cost, will appoint a panel of doctors to study your patient’s case.

Any and every difficulty you face, we are here to offer help!

A Second opinion from our Experts can help you to fulfil your First Duty as a Doctor-

Making your patient better!

We will be updating this feature into a full-fledged facility for doctors. Keep watching this space.

*Subject to availability of your selected Expert. In case they are not available, another equally qualified Expert will be appointed for your case.