Dr. Jawahar Shah, Founder-Director, Welcome Cure, Interviewed by Leading Regional Weekly Chitralekha.

Dr. Jawahar Shah, Founder-Director, Welcome Cure, Interviewed by Leading Regional Weekly Chitralekha, a leading regional weekly since 63 years, has a heart-to-heart talk with the Founder-Director of Welcome Cure, Dr. Jawahar Shah. He speaks about the purpose and goal of his venture and how Welcome Cure can make a global impact in the current health scenario.

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Striving to make Homeopathy a way of life

Jaahnavi P Paal

A five–six year old little girl sat in the doctor's waiting room playing a game on a mobile phone. Nothing unusual about this as it is a common sight in most clinics. When she was introduced, what struck me was that she neither looked at me nor did she respond to my "Hi". She was autistic. Little Mahi was detected with Autism when she was just 1 year and 8 months old. After consulting many doctors, her father was advised to try Homeopathy. Today, after 4 years, Mahi is improving well. She could now play mobile games and sit still in a place for long as against earlier when she was hyperactive and unable to focus on anything. He owes his daughter's improvement to Homeopathy.

WHO states in a report that Homeopathy is the second largest branch of medicine that people turn to all over the world. And now, taking Homeopathy to the masses all over the world is Dr. Jawahar Shah who has launched his health portal Welcome Cure, with a panel boasting of senior, experienced homeopathic doctors. Having been in practice for over 36 years, Dr. Shah is so passionate about Homeopathy that he has offered his services to many across the globe. And often for free.

He has been a member of the Central Council of Homeopathy, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Government of India. He specializes in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma, Behavioural problems in Children and Management of Cancer patients. Ironically, many practicing allopathic doctors too use Homeopathy for their own treatment since it is free of side effects and result-oriented too. From common colds to various serious diseases, Homeopathy offers treatment for all. You only have to make it a way of life.

Talking to Chitralekha, Dr. Shah says that as per statistics, 10 million people opt for Homeopathy as their first choice and hence the need to take this into their homes is the need of the hour.

Excerpts from a Q & A:

So what is unique about Welcome Cure?

Welcome Cure is the only homeopathic website that has brought over 50 senior doctors who are M.D. specialists under one roof for the purpose of treatment. Nowhere in the world will you find so many specialists on one particular portal. Moreover, as against allopathy where you cannot treat online, Homeopathy can offer so much to patients far and wide.

Also, my portal is so user-friendly and simple to use that it gives a comprehensive and correct diagnosis and takes you to the right medicine in a short time.

Another USP is that the entire portal offers a lot of information for free. A patient can surf the site, chat with doctors, understand his disease, get health tips and then register if convinced.

But how is it possible to treat without a physical examination?

A patient is first required to fill a personal history form which is then scanned by the concerned doctor. He then asks relevant questions after which it is processed and sent to the Expert physician who will then prescribe the medicine. Your medicine is then couriered to your doorstep.

The concept for us is not health but wellness- that is diet, regime, exercise which is all included in our treatments. This is where Welcome Cure is different from others.

Having already reached out to over 33,000 doctors all over the globe through his pathbreaking software called Hompath, Dr. Shah now aims at reaching out to patients across the globe. "It was when a patient once told me that it took him two hours to reach my clinic and another two hours to return home, that the idea of this portal came to me" he says. Dr. Shah who is a familiar face at seminars across the world as he has lectured at over 500 seminars in 22 countries, is also a respected academician having authored 2 books and many articles.

Dr. Shah adds that he plans to expand the Expert Panel from 50 doctors to 100 very soon as investing in intelligence is his goal. He says he will hire young doctors fresh out of medical college, train them and empower them to treat. "My vision is to teach and empower over ten million doctors in the next 5 years. This is not a very difficult task", he says, "India has the highest number of homeopathic colleges in the world- 184 full time and 34 post graduate colleges."

Sharing an unusual case study which he successfully treated was a case of a woman with neurofibroma (nerve-based growths all over the body). She was thrown out of her house as her husband said she was a witch and wanted to divorce her. With just 3 months of homeopathic treatment, the growths started to fall off and slowly disappeared. In 6 months, she was back to normal. "This is the power of Homeopathy", says a passionate Dr. Shah.

Dr Shah has been very zealous about the fact that Homeopathy works best on children and hence is of the belief that for best results, parents should introduce it to their offspring very early in life. He advises all pregnant mothers to take homeopathic medicine for ensuring that the child is born healthy, intelligent and with better immunity. He says one should treat the root and not wait for the disease to strike.

So when mother–to-be Ananya (name changed) was told her by doctors at Manipal Hospital that ultrasonography reports showed that her child had a hole in its heart, she was shattered. Moreover, it was history repeating itself as her older son too had a hole in his heart for which he was operated soon after birth. Doctors advised her to abort. She was referred by a friend to Dr. Shah who insisted that she give Homeopathy a chance. It was under his guidance that she continued with the pregnancy. He treated her and she soon delivered a healthy baby boy.

Welcome Cure is a portal which also offers the facility to Skype with outstation patients if need be. Governed by the Central Council of Homeopathy in Delhi, it is a safe and legal option for patients who seek to use this branch of medicine. As an act of gratitude to India's three Armed Forces- Navy, Army and Air Force, Dr. Shah has offered to treat all the 3 Defence Forces totally free of cost. "Whether he is a jawan posted in Kargil or in any distant place I will treat him and courier his medicine free of cost. This is the least we can do for the supreme service they are rendering for the country."